Just had my wisdom teeth extracted this week, very nice staff and not in a bunch of pain. The whole procedure took about 30ish minutes.

Nya T.

Everyone in the office did an outstanding job! My daughter was treated with much comfort and care while having her wisdom teeth removed. We were very impressed.

Jeri M.

Dr Hopkins is a really good dental specialist and his staff help me get really comfortable to remove my bottom wisdom teeth for Friday surgery.
I really appreciate it. Thank you for removing my bottom wisdom teeth I wouldn't done this without you. And if anyone wants to know to remove the wisdom teeth impacted I'd recommend the Idaho Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Twin Falls Idaho.

rineo L.

Dr. Hopkins was very professional, way faster than I thought for tooth removal. Him and his staff provided an excellent experience for me at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend his office and will be returning in the future.

Norm S.